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Group office

Christodoulos Zikidis

Team Captain

He is the leader of our team, he is the person who takes care of the smooth operation of the company and ensures that everything works properly. He was born and raised in Thessaloniki. When he started his studies, he decided to seize every opportunity for personal development and not to leave any unexploited. He is a final year student in psychology and although he is very young, he has attended numerous seminars and distance learning programs in clinical matters as wel family psychology as well as educational sciences from universities in Greece and abroad. He is an instructor in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training programs and an active volunteer rescuer for the civil protection of Greece. He speaks 2 foreign languages ​​and aims to do as many as he can. He is the author of the Books: “The game through the eyes my”, “Child and parent, two ordinary roommates” & “I look at my glass self” which will be released soon.

Nikolaos Karastamatis
CEO & Marketing Director

He is the person who calms you down, sees things from a creative angle and never gets stressed. For Nikos, all problems have their solution, as long as you have the composure to manage them. He was born in New York, USA and grew up in Greece, his studies in Marketing have opened up many avenues of continuous development for him, both in Greece, as well as abroad. The truth is that if there’s one thing he really likes, it’s constantly learning new things and gathering experiences. He’s a perfectionist, leaves nothing to chance and likes to be in full control of the projects assigned to him. He loves organization and is an impeccable professional.In his free time he likes to spend time with his people and work on his personal development.

Athanasios Karasoulas

CTO – Full Stack Web Developer

He is the head of technology (senior full stack developer) in charge, an executive with responsibility for the management of the company’s technological requirements.
He studied at PAPEI (University of Piraeus Department of Informatics).